WGC Zuidrand vzw

WGC stands for low-threshold, emancipating and high-quality healthcare. A vulnerable population lives on  Kiel, for which access to basic health care cannot be taken for granted. Zuidrand tries to provide an answer to this need.

Since the end of 2011 we offer care to the residents of Kiel and Valaar in Antwerp. Patients do not pay for the consultations. Zuidrand receives a fixed monthly amount per registered patient directly from the health insurance fund. For this, the patient can call on our GPs, nurses, social services and psychologist. From an integral vision we approach the patient in the various facets of his person: physical, psychological and social.

We want to expand our offer with a physiotherapist and a dentist , as this is a big need. For that, however, we need to expand our infrastructure. We recently purchased an adjacent building for this. Now we have to integrate this functionally into the existing building. And that means: renovation work and costs .

This project has been co-financed by Socrowd and Triodos amounting to 50 000 €.

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