Attention: these measures are likely to evolve!

Measure 1: Nuisance premium

WHAT: Premium in case of total or partial stop of activities

IMPACT: for the first 21 calendar days:

– in case of full closure : 4.000 EUR (Restaurants that still do take-away of delivery are also eligible here)

– in case of closure only during the week-end : 2.000 EUR

Then 160 EUR/day.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Premium granted for all kind of establishement that have at least one full-time and which are impacted by the crisis. Premium granted per establishement (with a maximum of 5 percompany).  Also for part-time self-employed if they are paying the same amount of social contributions as a full time self-employed.

Measure 2: Crisis guarantee from PMV

WHAT: Extension of the guarantee line with 100 million EUR extra and improved conditions.

IMPACT: In addition to the existing guarantee scheme, companies can now have bridging loans guaranteed by the PMV for a maximum of 12 months (previously only up to 3 months).  75% coverage for credits of max 5 year. The one-off premium to benefit from the crisis guarantee is reduced from 0.5% to 0.25% of the deposit amount. Recourse to this premium is possible until the end of August 2020. For new bank debts, existing bank debts or existing non-bank debts.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Please note that the company must not be in difficulty (cfr. EU State aid regulations). More info on

Update 22/03: The agreement between the federal government, the National Bank and the banking sector may affect the measures that PMV previously announced and on PMV’s regular guarantee offer. PMV tries to gain an insight into the concrete implementation of that agreement as soon as possible and will communicate as soon as possible about the consequences of this on its offer.

Measure 3: Flexibility in terms of aid and subsidies

WHAT: VLAIO project and reporting obligations may be extended after consultation.

IMPACT: Companies that have a support or subsidy file with VLAIO are running experience a more flexible treatment.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Provided that clear motivation and demonstrating the Corona impact. Contact VLAIO for more info.

Measure 4: The incentive bonus

WHAT: The incentive bonus that already exists to encourage people to work part time to avoid redundancies will be extended to companies facing, for example, declining production, declining sales or falling orders as a result of the corona crisis.

IMPACT: The monthly premium for the worker will be between 68 and 172 euro. The condition is a reduction in production of at least 20%.

ADDITIONAL INFO: The incentive bonus