Attention: these measures are likely to evolve!

Measure 1: Temporary unemployment for imperial reason (force majeure) or for economic reasons

WHAT: Enterprises can put workforce members on temporary unemployment until the 30 Jun 2020. Allowances are raised from 65 to 70% (with a maximum of EUR 2,754.76 per month) for a period of 3 months. An additional allowance of 150 EUR/month on top of that for the unemployed workforce is added.

IMPACT: Salary are not paid by the company. Employees gets unemployment allowances.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Client should contact their Social Secretary (able to do eventually do formalities for them) and to check the ONEM/RVA Faq on the subject.

Measure 2: Taxes deferral

WHAT: Companies can request payment plan for various fiscal debts: Withholding tax, VAT, Personal income tax, Corporate tax, Legal person tax

IMPACT: Payment plan for these debts, no default interest or fines.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Client should demonstrate they have difficulties of payment due to Covid-19. Request need to be introduced by latest 30 Jun 2020. Info HERE

Measure 3: Postponement of introduction and payment of tax declaration

WHAT: Concerns: Withholding tax, VAT, Personal income tax (payment deferral only), Corporate tax, Legal person tax. Postponement until the 30 April 2020 for the declaration which were due from 16 march until 30 April 2020.

IMPACT: Postponement of declaration of tax and payment (2 month postponement for payment) without penalties.


Measure 4: Postponement of social security contributions from the companies

WHAT: Companies can request payment plan for RSZ/ONSS – contributions of Q1 and Q2 2020.

IMPACT: Payment plan instead of forced recovery.


Measure 5: Postponement or exemption from social security contributions for self-employed persons

WHAT: Self-employed person can request a postponement (one year max without majoration or negative effect) or exemption for his own provisional social security contributions.

IMPACT: Postponement, reduction or cancellation of contributions.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Client should demonstrate they have difficulties of payment due to Covid-19. Client need to make a written request to their social insurance provider for postponement before 15 June 2020. Postponement for Q1 and Q2 contributions only to be paid before 15 december 2020. Info on  or to the client’s social insurance provider.

Measure 6: Replacement income for self-employed (bridging right)

WHAT: Self-employed who stops their activities can get benefits (replacement income) during max 12 months.

IMPACT: Monthly financial allowance (+/-1300-1600 EUR depending on family charge or not) and retention of social security rights (medical care, child benefit) for one year.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Client should demonstrate they have difficulties of payment due to Covid-19. For 2 month, they can receive the full allowance even if they maintain a part of their usual activity (ex: Restaurant doing take away/delivery, Hotels stopping their restaurant,…) Info on or to the client’s social insurance provider.

Measure 7: Flexibility in the implementation of federal public procurement

WHAT: For all federal public contracts that are shown to be delayed or non-implementing due to the coronavirus, the federal state will not impose fines or penalties on service providers, companies or self-employed.

IMPACT: No fine or penalties for federal public procurement delay or cancellation.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Report via, More info at

Measure 8: Grace period on all credits until September 30

WHAT: The financial sector is committed to providing non-financial businesses and viable freelancers as well as mortgage borrowers experiencing payment problems due to the coronavirus crisis, a deferred payment until September 30, 2020 without charging any fees.

IMPACT: Grace period on credit repayment.

ADDITIONAL INFO: For applications made up to and including April 30, 2020, a maximum of 6 months payment delay can be obtained, up to and including October 31, 2020.

For applications made after April 30, 2020, the end date remains October 31, 2020. This means, for example, that anyone who makes a credit deferral request in June can defer another 4 months of payment (July-August – September – October).

Applications submitted prior to the publication of the charters will be evaluated according to the charters’ criteria. If necessary, the bank will contact the borrower.

Measure 9: Guarantee for credits granted by banks

WHAT: The federal government will activate a guarantee scheme for all new credits and new lines of credit with a maximum duration of 12 months that banks grant to non-financial businesses and viable independents. This will ensure continued financing of the economy.

IMPACT: Guarantee available to enable the banks to continue granting credits to the economy.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Total amount: 50 billions EUR. All new credits and all new credit lines with a maximum duration of 12 months (excluding refinancing credits) granted until 30 September 2020 inclusive will be covered by the guarantee scheme.

Measure 10: Cash advance by direct liquidation to hospitals

WHAT: Federal is going to release 1 billion budget to help the hospitals to managed their treasury. Cash advance by direct liquidation to hospitals would then be regularized by exceptional “accepted” costs and by covering loss of revenue at a level to be defined. This liquidation would be implemented by mid-April at the latest.

IMPACT: Treasury advance.

Measure 11: Creation of an urgency fund (through FPIM) for companies with additional capital needs (still in discussion, not yet implemented).