Interview with Olivier de Duve


Inventures II is becoming the 21th member of the Solifin network!

We are really pleased to welcome a new impact funds, whose CEO, Olivier de Duve accepted to answer to an interview.

Olivier de Duve | inventures

Who are you and what is your role in Inventures II?

I am Olivier de Duve, CEO of Inventures. Leveraging my entrepreneurial background, I co-founded Inventures SA in 2011 with colleagues in the legal, financial and impact sectors. This was our first social impact fund. Six years later, we launched Inventures II, an impact VC that finances companies supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What was your motivation in joining and creating Inventures II and what makes it unique?

At Inventures, we strongly believe that the impact start-up revolution is fundamentally transforming our world. As innovators in the industry since 2011, we strive to build a more responsible financial sector by selecting sustainable projects that create strong and measurable financial and social returns. Promoting investments that are profitable and sustainable is critical for preserving our blue planet and humanity in general for the next generations.

How does your organisation succeed in its mission so far?

Inventures II successfully invested in innovative and impact companies supporting the UN SDGs. We support each entrepreneur in setting up an impact plan with a very strict methodology aligned with global standards and best practices. We were honored in September 2020 with Impact VC of the Year award by Environmental Finance for our impact strategy and high-touch process with entrepreneurs.

What are your main challenges for the years to come?

Our main challenge is to help our portfolio companies to grow and scale. As their business scales, their impact scales as well.

Why was it important for you to join Solifin and what are your expectations?

Our mission is to create impact by empowering driven and innovative entrepreneurs. By joining Solifin, we are looking forward to strengthening the impact network in Belgium and uniting forces to support impact entrepreneurs.