Interview with the Lunt Foundation


The Lunt foundation has recently accepted to financially support Solifin in 2020, with a possibility to extend their support until 2022. We feel very honored and grateful, especially since their support came right before the sanitary crisis. Thanks to this relative financial stability we will be able to pursue our missions, extend our working staff and better help social entrepreneurs deal with the economic consequences of covid-19.

Guibert Del Marmol, co-founder of the foundation has answered three questions for us.

What is the Lunt foundation and what do you support?

Based in Belgium and Switzerland, active globally, the Lunt Foundation was co-founded by the Belgian-American Lunt family. The Lunt Foundation promotes regenerative solutions growing wealth from the perspectives of ecology, well-being and community. Our mission is to identify, engage and support creative pioneers to grow their contribution to society through paradigm-shifting approaches. Our goal is to contribute to the elevation of the collective consciousness for a more harmonious, responsible and joyful world.

Why did you decide to support Solifin in 2020?

Finance is at the heart of our societies. Often pointed out as the main cause of the system’s abuses, it must, in our opinion, first and foremost be at the service of the common good. Finance is not an end in itself, but a tool that should facilitate the deployment of solutions that respect people and the environment and create shared abundance. At a time when we urgently need to rethink the world, to define a new model of society that is more inclusive and respectful of all, the financing of “entrepreneurs” at the service of this new world seems crucial to us. Being an entrepreneur, in particular “entrepreneur of the new world”, is a huge task. The role Solifin plays of linking and facilitating connections between investors & social entrepreneurs is, in our opinion, decisive in supporting the transition we need, and its actors in particular.

How would you like to contribute to Solifin?

Beyond the financial support, we always make our network available and often, when requested, a “mentoring” of the project leader.


Interviewed by Sevan Holemans on 14 April 2020.