Cyclobility is a bike-leasing startup which was founded in 2016. Their innovative business-model, the leasing of (electric) bicycles to companies has since then known a large success thanks to its positive societal impact and to the acute business sense of its director, Andries Aumann. One of their strengths is the “all-in” offer they propose : the information sessions, repairing and events all take place at the client company’s site : “We strive to minimize the additional workload and guide the relevant departments from A to Z during the introduction of bicycle leasing.”, as their director states it.

They first received funding from Trividend, which became shareholder in 2019, before Change joined them in June 2020. Guess who was the bank that first supported them ? Triodos Bank, which gave them loans dependant on the amount of deals that Cyclobility was able to make for their services. It was in fact Triodos Bank which advised Cyclobility to contact Trividend. In total, they received 1,35M€ in funds, mostly in equity, from our three members aswell as from PMV and SIFO – both public entities.

This story is a new story of collaboration between our members, which leads to the development of a promising start-up with positive societal impact!

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