Attention: these measures are likely to evolve!

Contact number 1819 for companies

Measure 1: Unique premium

WHAT: A single premium of € 4,000 per company whose closure is made compulsory following decisions adopted by the National Security Council and forming part of the following sectors:

– Catering (NACE code 56);

– Accommodation (NACE code 55);

– The activities of travel agencies, tour operators, reservation services and related activities (NACE code 79);

– Retail trade, except food stores (including night shops), pet food stores, pharmacies, press outlets, gas stations and fuel suppliers;

– Recreational and sporting activities (NACE code 92 & 93).

A single premium of EUR 2,000 for hairdressing salons (NACE code 96.021);

IMPACT: Additional replacement income for companies.

Measure 2: Cancellation of City Tax for S1 2020

WHAT: Cancelllation of City Tax by the Region Bruxelloise for what concerns the first semester of 2020 for concerned companies ( tourist housing establishement)

IMPACT: Tax cancellation

Measure 3: Public Guarantee (by Fonds Bruxellois de garantie)

WHAT: Granting of public guarantee (via Fonds Bruxellois de garantie) on bank credits for a total of 20 million euros.

IMPACT: Risk coverage for banks granting loans to impacted companies.

Measure 4: Accelerated procedure for regional premium granted

WHAT: Accelerated, or even anticipated, treatment, engagement and payment of premium granted to support economical expansion (premium files under analysis at Bruxelles Economie et Emploi) for HORECA, tourism, event and culture sectors.

IMPACT: Increased rapidity of treatment for premium files.

Measure 5: Strengthening support

WHAT: Strengthening support for businesses in difficulty by increasing the funding for the Center for Businesses in Difficulty (CED). Additional endowment of 200k EUR.

IMPACT: Strenghened support for entreprises impacted.


Measure 6: Waiver of “taxi tax”

WHAT: The waiver of the tax on the operation of taxis or cars with driver for the year 2020.

Measure 7: Maintaining of subvention for events

WHAT: For all events initially taking place between 1st of March and 30 April 2020 which got a regional subvention:

In case the event is postponed later in 2020, the subvention is maintained unchanged

In case the event is cancelled, the subvention is maintained if non-refundable costs have occurred.

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– The possibility of a reduced-rate loan to key suppliers in the HORECA sector allowing them to offer a payment period delays to establishments in the HORECA sector;

– The possibility of a reduced-rate loan for HORECA establishments that employ more than 50 people.

– A moratorium, on a case-by-case basis, on the principal repayment on loans granted by Finance & to businesses impacted in the affected sectors.