Madam Fortuna

For almost ten years, professionals and enthusiasts from a wide range of life paths can meet with us in a world of theater and music. We do this in our own way: with a lot of attention to diversity, in an atmosphere of trust, like an open house. The cross-pollinations that arise from this make Borgerhout stronger. You can feel this. Now we are on the verge of an even bigger story. Almost anyway. You can take that last push.

What is it about? The Kompaan! With this new building in addition to our current room, Madam Fortuna also wants to add a healthy economic component to its artistic-social functioning. De Kompaan will be a food atelier that fully matches our philosophy: a place where we will prepare and serve high-quality, local and sustainable food with a diverse team, with an emphatic link to the socio-artistic and the neighborhood..

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